Recover America Action


We aim to inspire pastors and faith leaders to get involved in promoting Biblical values in the civil arena.

  • Exodus Now – The Sequel

  • SHOCKING: Satanic Statue at The University of Houston

  • Pastor Roundtable Speech

  • Rick Scarborough – Recover America

  • Dr. Scarborough Interviewed By Mike Huckabee

  • Jason Rapert Interviews Dr. Rick Scarborough

  • Valentines Day w Rick Scarborough: Love America TTPRW

  • S.O.S. – Save Our Schools

  • SOS Save our Schools, Save our Children

  • Dr. Scarborough Discusses Reparations

  • Taking the Fight to Austin

  • A Special ThanksGiving Message from Dr. Scarborough

  • Dr. Scarborough Discusses the Mid-term Elections

  • Recover America Interviews Whistleblower Pt 2

  • Recover America Interviews Whistleblower