We train pastors on how to guide their congregations to be Salt and Light in the culture


We provide resources and tools to help pastors lead their congregations to the polls


We aim to inspire pastors and faith leaders to get involved in promoting Biblical values in the civil arena

Our Mission

Recover America Action equips and mobilizes pastors and their congregations to engage in the civil arena, providing Biblical solutions to today’s most pressing issues.

Current Focus

We are currently focused on encouraging pastors and their congregations to be engaged in the education of their children and to vote for school board candidates that reflect Biblical values.


American Dream vs. Woke Nightmare

Click here to order a copy of the explosive hard-hitting book “America in the Balance” written by Dr. Rick Scarborough and Steve Feazel. This book brings to light the “not-so-hidden” agenda of the left in this country and confronts it with Biblical truths, equipping Christians with what they need to stand firm against this evil ideology.